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Day 10-12. Songs, pictures, blogs

Day 10. Songs you listen to when you’re happy, sad, mad, etc.¬† I really thought this one would be easier but when I thought about it- there really aren’t any specific songs I jump to for these emotions. And I … Continue reading

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Day 21- Snowy London

Day 21 is my favorite song…I feel like this goes back to day 15 which is a song I love to sing along to…naturally my favorites. ¬†However, this song I’m going to share with you has been a favorite for … Continue reading

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Day 14/15- Burn Me Alive

Well I’ve decided to combine day 14 and day 15…mostly because day 14 is supposed to be a song that reminds you of your significant other and I don’t really have one of those right now. So we’ll skip right … Continue reading

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