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Day 8.

Day 8. Short term goals for this month and why. Well. I’d like to get into a better habit of eating healthy as we come into the unhealthiest time of year and with that I hope to drop a couple … Continue reading

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The Fault in Our Stars

I think I’m about to drop some “deep thoughts” on you readers… or maybe just ramble some nonsense- let’s find out. Tonight I was able to screen the movie (based on the book by John Greene) The Fault in Our Stars … Continue reading

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The Movies Behind Closed Eyes

Dreams. Are. Scary. Do they mean anything? Are they simply just our (sub)conscious fears coming alive while we rest? Can they be used as predictions? Is it a way for deceased loved ones to send us messages/warnings? Or are they … Continue reading

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The SkyMall Body

So a couple weeks ago we went to Florida. Flying Southwest Airlines you have open seating which could be kind of cool. Flying stand by you’re pretty much guaranteed a middle seat next to any combo of Snory, Smelly, Creepy, … Continue reading

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