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Day 16-19. Photo, life swap, plans, nicknames.

Been slacking a little bit– life and all. Day 16. Another picture of yourself.  Day 17. Someone you’d want to switch lives with for one day and why. There’s a number of people I’d like to switch with and the … Continue reading

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Day 14 & 15. Family & iPod

Day 14. A photo of you and your family. There’s almost no way to get a picture of my whole family as we seem to be multiplying every day and becoming more spread out across the US. And I’m sure … Continue reading

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Day 13- Give Me Everything

Day 13 is a song that reminds me of a former friend. In a perfect world, there would be no “former” friends and all of your friends would be your friends for life. As this is not a perfect world, … Continue reading

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Dear People of my Facebook

Dear people of my facebook newsfeed: -Caution- I quoted a status with some pretty offensive language. You’ve been warned.- I was proud of so many of you the other day and I respected you so much more based on a … Continue reading

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The Little Things.

I read somewhere recently that Elvis gets about 100 Valentines sent to him at Graceland every year. I’m sure that number was significantly higher in the years closer to his death (or whatever you believe surrounding that). When I stumbled … Continue reading

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A year ago…How time flies!

Happy Memorial weekend! And thanks to all who make and have made this holiday what it is.  A year ago this particular weekend I was flying high on excitement as I left South Dakota that Thursday night heading for Denver, … Continue reading

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