I Love Blogging Challenges! Day 1-5

Whenever I’m not available to blog I always find myself thinking “Hey I could turn this thought into a blog post” and then that thought goes away forever. When I actually have a free evening where I could read or write something, I can never think of a topic. This is why I love blogging challenges. I don’t have to pick the topic. So, I found a cool one that someone else found on Pinterest. I’m a little late to the game so this post will have 5 days in one!

Day 1. Recent picture and 15 interesting facts. 

I was a pin up girl for Halloween

I was a pin up girl for Halloween

1. I have a tattoo of my Chinese and zodiac signs (dragon with a taurus symbol on the tail)
2. My eyes change colors between brown and a mix of brown and green.
3. My ideal job would be being paid to listen to music/read books/play with puppies. So I guess I should open a book/record store and bring puppies to work with me.
4. Despite what my ideal job is, I actually like my real job in medical billing and my office has two dogs in it.
5. I founded a women’s book club almost 3 years ago and now have over 300 members.
6. I’m really bad at movies. A lot of classics I’ve never seen. I also forget a lot of movies I’ve watched until I start watching them again.
7. I give my animals middle names- Fia Marie is my dog in Colorado, Raven Lee and Otis James are “my” dogs that live with my parents in South Dakota. I also name other objects- my bass is Blanca, my jeep is Jeffrey, my ipod is Mini, etc.
8. I love the pin-up fashion look, but I never feel like I can pull it off- probably because of fact 11.
9. Though I bought a bass 2 years ago, I can only play 4 songs and haven’t picked it up in probably 9 months.
10. I’m a divorce statistic.
11. I’m a terrible at being a girly girl- bad at makeup, hair, fashion. Some days this really bothers me, some days I feel like sweat pants in public is totally fine. I’m also a little bit color blind so that probably doesn’t help anything.
12. I’m not really superstitious, though I did get married on Friday the 13th, it rained, and I was allergic to my wedding ring. See fact # 10 for how well that worked.
13. I have my next two tattoos planned- one book related, one music related.
14. I think I’m addicted to chocolate.
15. I’m afraid I’m never going to be an aunt. I’ve gone back and forth on whether I want my own kids (probably?) but I would love to be an aunt and I just don’t know if it’ll happen.

Day 2. Meaning behind my blog name.

This one is pretty simple. April is my first name, Dawn is my middle name. Dawn is also a time of day and is used to describe the beginning of something. Dawn of a new era, etc. My thought was maybe this could be the beginning of a more articulate me.

Day 3. A picture of my animal(s).

My girl.

My girl.

That’s really the only one I can claim (as I mentioned in the facts section, my parents have two dogs in South Dakota that started off as mine but became my dad’s loyal companions). This is Fia Marie- my pound puppy who has been a blessing to me for nearly 4 years. I’d be lost without her.

Day 4. A habit I wish I didn’t have.

Too many. Um. First and foremost- smoking. I have gone off and on the wagon so many times. I have given myself a deadline of 12/1/15 to quit for real. I generally only smoke about 4 a day, which isn’t good but has been much worse- I’ve cut down quite a bit in the last 6 months. More bad habits: chocolate/sweets, procrastination, overthinking, and sometimes I grind my teeth and chomp when I sleep (it makes me cringe knowing this).

Day 5. A photo of somewhere I’ve been. 

I wouldn’t say I’ve been a lot of places, but I’ve seen a few pretty cool places. This past summer I went on a week long tour with some good friends in a band. I had never been West of Colorado and can now say I’ve been to Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Parts of that drive were awful (LA), parts were boring (Nevada), but some parts were beautiful. I loved the Idaho Panhandle, the Mt. Shasta area of Northern California, pieces of Montana, Oregon, and the canyon we went through somewhere around Arizona/Nevada/maybe Utah(?). Hanging out the window of the van I took a ton of pictures but this one-taken with my iPhone out the window doing 60 mph near the Mt. Shasta area was my favorite and it doesn’t do it justice. The whole band besides myself and the driver were asleep and I’m so glad I didn’t miss this. Just breathtaking.

So peaceful

So peaceful

So that’s it. We’ll see what day 6 brings and I would love to thank Hollypop for this challenge idea 🙂


About dawn of april

Figuring life and the "about me" out as I go :) In a nutshell: I work, go to school, run a women's book club, support the local music scene in Denver, and whatever else floats my boat at the time.
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