Thoughts for Thursdays- Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year where everyone puts on a costume and for one night (or several depending how serious you are about the holiday) pretends to be something/someone else. Today my company had a Halloween party and it got me thinking what your costume might say about you.

I took a look back at my own choices over the last 5 Halloweens.
2010. I was a “Honey” bee. As in: spaghetti straps, yellow/black sequined stripes, and a frilly little skirt. It was barely two months since my divorce process started and I wanted to go out, be noticed, flirt, and feel good about myself. It worked- I walked home freezing (did I mention spaghetti straps?!) with a number for a guy I would date for about a year.

from google images

from google images

2011. Greek goddess. White dress, gold accessories, fake eyelashes and noticeable eye makeup- totally DIY. I found this costume at a thrift store with plenty to choose from but I ended up with this. Why? Maybe because the relationship with 2010 Halloween guy was ending and the guy I was starting to unintentionally crush on was of Greek heritage and I wanted to make an impression. Maybe because I wanted to feel powerful since my life situation (new city, barely employed, doomed relationship) was stressing me out.

2012. “Officer Goodbody” Cleavage-y cop uniform with frilly little skirt, sexy boots, and fuzzy handcuffs. This one is tricky. I was pretty happy in life but maybe I wanted to feel like I had the authority to keep it that way. Maybe I wanted more respect. It could be that I wanted to be a source of protection, safety, and comfort for the people who were closest to me.

from google image search

from google image search

2013. “Robyn Da Hood” (I didn’t name these) Sexy Robin Hood costume complete with major cleavage, hat, corset, fur lined boots, and you guessed it- a frilly little skirt. At this time I was suffering some pretty major self esteem issues after a hard break-up. Again, I wanted to have fun, flirt, and be noticed. I had just moved and was definitely feeling pretty poor so maybe I wanted to feel a little of that “rob from the rich” action.

google image search

google image search

2014. German Beer Maiden. Ankle length Oktoberfest inspired dress, shoes to go with the theme, and braids in my hair. I browsed some stores for ideas but ended up borrowing this costume from a friend. This was the year I actually fully developed a taste for beer. Also the year I started dating someone with a significant German heritage (seriously, what is wrong with me?!)

google image search

google image search

2015. This year is different from any other as far as picking a costume is concerned. I didn’t pick one. Instead, my lovely fella of the German heritage picked for me in a sense. By that I mean he said, “I found some sweet old looking military stuff and I was thinking since you like the pin-up style you could be my pin-up girl” Yes please! I could even look in my closet for a costume (I didn’t- I mean it’s an excuse for new clothes that I will wear more than just one night) but I literally had nothing in mind before his suggestion. And  as I’ve put on 10 pounds in the last year and as such haven’t been feeling too great about the ole bod, I didn’t really want to dress up. I probably would have ended up picking whatever was still available last minute that I could fit my boobs into. And who knows what my subconscious would have led me to.

It’s quite possible that I’m looking too much into this but for some people maybe this is the one time they get to dress in accordance to their deep, maybe even unacknowledged feelings. Think about it.

Superheros- Maybe they need saving?
Princesses- Maybe they feel neglect and want attention and spoiling?
Butterflies- Maybe they feel they need a change or recently experienced one?
Villains- Maybe they feel guilty for a wrongdoing or want to feel powerful?
Ironic/funny costumes- Could be they’re just in need of a laugh or a smile- those things are contagious ya know.
Scary/gory costumes- Maybe they’ve experienced some scary things or have fears that are alleviated by dressing it up and turning it into something fun?
“Slutty/sexy” anything- Maybe they have self confidence issues and this is the one night a year they feel like it’s OK to strut whatever stuff they have. Maybe they’re seeking attention?

I could go on, but you get the point. Like I said, maybe I wandered into a rabbit hole thinking way too hard about this. Maybe it’s just as simple as – it fit, it was cute, you just happen to like Iron Man and don’t harbor a secret desire for his ideas/money/status, or whatever. This was just a random thought I had on this particular Thursday approaching Halloween.


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