Dear (not so distant) Future Graduate:

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally on the horizon and I could not be more proud of you. It’s been a long journey for you and though I’ve only caught the tail end of it, I’ve seen how hard this last bit has been, what sacrifices you’ve had to make to get to this point. I’m not sure I would have kept on if our places were switched. (Oh, who am I kidding?! I know I wouldn’t have- I have had an unfinished degree for 5 years now.)

You never gave up. Even when you “quit”, you didn’t. You’d talk about ways to just finish that lass class and get those last few credits and even when those ways didn’t work, you’d start brainstorming the next idea. You truly are an inspiration to many, but especially to me. It might have taken a little longer, cost a little more, and been a little harder for you than for others but you’re doing it. I know you can do anything you put your mind to (except childbirth, mostly because you’re a man). But really, you are one of the most determined people I’ve had the pleasure to know. I wish to be more like you, learn from you, and lay your footprints down on my own path to follow. Don’t ever doubt yourself; your future is bright and is encouraging me to brighten mine a little since, you know, our futures kind of intertwine at some points. 😉 Congratulations (a little in advance)! I can’t wait to celebrate with you and see you hang that diploma up proudly!

Ooooh BOY! -- said in my best Mickey voice!

Ooooh BOY! — said in my best Mickey voice!


About dawn of april

Figuring life and the "about me" out as I go :) In a nutshell: I work, go to school, run a women's book club, support the local music scene in Denver, and whatever else floats my boat at the time.
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