Dear People of my Facebook

Dear people of my facebook newsfeed:
-Caution- I quoted a status with some pretty offensive language. You’ve been warned.-
I was proud of so many of you the other day and I respected you so much more based on a simple, single action. But there’s now some of you I don’t know what to think about. You display your hate in a sort of bragging fashion and it killed a lot of what respect I had for you. You did this based on your beliefs and opinions about those beliefs which now leaves me questioning myself. Am I just like you?

I don’t often (really ever that I can think of) get political on the FB. Those who know me well, know where I stand on certain subject matters. Though, I must say, I loved seeing all the red profile pics and the “I’m an ally” pictures for equality. That is a cause I whole-heartedly support. red-equal-symbol

I’ve always been a little sensitive to people “picking on” other people- I guess probably from elementary school when classmates would pick on my brother for his speech. As I’ve stated, I hail from S. Dakota which isn’t exactly an “open-minded” state unfortunately, so as people have been expressing their support or opposition of equal rights I’ve noticed a trend. Every single non-supporter on my newsfeed (which was thankfully less than supporters–significantly) is from SD. Not one person I know in CO is (at least vocally) against gay marriage. But SD’s closed-mindedness isn’t what is really getting me.

It doesn’t bother me if you are against the cause for religious reasons or whatever. Everyone is entitled to their freedom of religion and if they want to believe that God never intended for there to be homosexuality- then so be it. I can respect that. It’s the people who are extremely hateful (religious or not) that get to me. They’ve chosen to believe what they want (which they are absolutely entitled to) and yet degrade others who believe something different. Seems slightly off to me. Throughout this most recent equal rights campaign, I viewed some terrible status updates on my newsfeed- some that really, deeply offended me because of my own beliefs. One for example (I’m sorry for the language),
Wow, way over everyone on facebook and their gay marriage bullsh*t.  F**k gay marriage if ya wanna be gay move to San Francisco where there is more butt f**king per sq. ft then anywhere else in the world. I think we all know thats why San Fran exists. your welcome…butt f**kers!
Now, it’s clear from this gentleman’s grammar, he’s not the most educated. I went to high school with him and had his daughter in my daycare at one point. So he’s an acquaintance at best. Here’s another from someone I actually have had drinks and a movie with among mutual friends.
Being gay is like an illness with no cure, like AIDS which is funny cuz gay ppl are most likely to pass aids so since gay ppl are so awesome let’s all turn queer and get f**kin aids.”
I’m still curious why only the first “AIDS” is capitalized. But upon reading these, instantly I was offended and wanted to remove them from my friends list. But does that make me just like them? Am I “disowning” them because of their belief, essentially? It was the manner in which they expressed that belief that so deeply angered me but they were exercising their right to the freedom of speech and who am I to cast away someone for exercising a right given to all of us by our founding fathers.

I don’t want to try to change anyone’s beliefs and I can respect and definitely appreciate the freedoms in which they use to express and stand behind those beliefs (the red pictures with crosses, man and woman, etc.). I’m not even sure if this makes sense right now, I’m just having a bit of a challenge with this internal conflict. I feel a lot like a hypocrite but I don’t want to see stuff like that. Every time someone casts hate on people who are gay I imagine those people as ones I know. I’m extremely close to a few people who are in same- sex relationships. To know that people would hate some of my closest friends just because of who they want to be with kills me. It also tears me apart that there are so many of those people in the state I last called home. Most of the people I know in SD who are gay don’t feel safe enough to come out and that breaks my heart. I am proud of CO for being so open minded. I love that we have a HUGE pride fest celebration that people can attend and be themselves, without worrying about what others are thinking. And I’m honored to be in a legal, domestic partnership knowing it means the same thing for my boyfriend and I as it does for “Adam and Steve” or “Amy and Eve”.




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