From the mouths of dogs.

A while ago I discovered my dog had typed something up for you to read and it turned out a couple of you even liked it. I let her have at my computer while I napped one day and the following is what she came up with.

Yes, Hello I am Yuna

Yes, Hello! I am Yuna

Hi again. I’m Yuna. I enjoyed writing for you last time. I do need to tell you something. Not everything I typed before was true. I said I ate a couple strings from the noisy thing dad plays (“get tar” it’s called) but I didn’t. I wanted everybody to think I ate them so they couldn’t be used to make my ears hurt. The stupid vet gave me away.

When mom and dad thought I ate the steel strings they got worried and I thought their stress made my tummy feel upset with my own stress. So I ate more things. Papers, rubbermaid containers, half a book, underwear, contacts, really whatever I could get. Mom and dad decided they should take me to the vet since I had never chewed before. I guess they were worried the strings were in there since they didn’t find them (and never will) and thought I was eating stuff to try to push them out.

Mom doesn't need this.  I think she looks fine!

Mom doesn’t need this. I think she looks fine!

The vet asked questions, took pictures of inside my belly, and asked for some poop. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have to poop on fake grass in front of strangers who want to take my poop and do who knows what with it?! But I did so we could get out of that place. The pictures said there was no strings in me and the stupid vet ratted me out by telling dad the husky side of me likes to hide things. She also said there was some kind of bug in my poop making my tummy hurt which was why I was chewing and eating things when I’d always been really good at not doing that stuff. So she sent home devil medicine to make it better.

It was too late though, I’d developed a habit. I was addicted to chewing and eating things. They started kenneling me. Fia thought that was funny. All day in her kennel she’d make fun of me in mine. This went on for eternity and then one day we all got in the car and mom and dad kept talking about a new “foster” puppy. I don’t know why they were saying it weird like that but certainly no puppy is faster than me. Before I even knew what hit me this other shepherd (but from Australia) was bouncing around the car. I found out at the dog park she certainly isn’t faster than me- mom and dad were wrong. She called herself Stella and I wondered how this would work with 3 of us and 2 kennels.

She definitely doesn't look faster than me!

She definitely doesn’t look faster than me!

They let me stay out! I didn’t chew. Only my toys. It was hard, but I did it. Next day they let Stella stay out with me. This was tricky because if I ate stuff, they wouldn’t know who it was. I gave in and chewed. I chewed red plastic cups and some papers and dad’s glasses.  But those weren’t much fun. They didn’t know what to do so they kenneled me and let Stella stay out, but she learned some things from me and she chewed. Three pair of mom’s shoes, one bra, dad’s hat, the netbook power cord, and some carpet. I was curious to see what they would do.

To my disappointment, they let Fia stay out. She gets crazy when mom and dad leaves and thinks they’re never coming back so she poops everywhere when she’s not in her kennel, so they figured poop was better than chewed stuff. It worked fine the first couple days- of course there was some poop, but nothing was destroyed. I hated being on the inside. I started taunting Fia, telling her how good chewing was. She gave in with some papers- she moved a couple shoes around but didn’t chew them. Mom and dad were worried Fia would chew and when they came home they told Fia she was probably going to start going back to her kennel the next day.

I was delighted, surely this must mean I’d get a chance to be out again. But a lady came over and played with Stella for a little while. I don’t know why she didn’t pay any attention to me, I’m cuter. I’m glad she didn’t though because when she left she took Stella with her and said Stella was going to her new home where she’d stay FOREVER. The lady and Stella looked happy enough when they left, but I don’t want to go to a new home. I like my home and my mom and dad and even Fia.

The only family I want

The only family I want

So now I go into my kennel willingly when they are leaving. I don’t even try to make them feel bad about it anymore. I wish I could say the kenneling has forced me to quit chewing cold turkey (mmmm cold turkey sounds delicious) but it really hasn’t.  I’m smart about it though. Mom’s napping right now, but she’s in the same room as me and could wake up at any time, so no chewing now. But if she goes into the room with the big porcelain water dish or goes to get the mail and can’t see me, I try to find a wrapper or paper just to get a taste of. This is only if Fia is in the same room so they can never really pin it on me. Someday I hope to be a free roaming puppy of the house and be cured of my addiction. There’s been talk of another “foster” puppy. I still don’t know why they say it so weird, I bet this one won’t be faster either but maybe it’ll mean I’ll get to be out of my kennel again. I really hope so. I’ll keep you posted!

**Note from “Mom”-  If you have the time and the space, consider becoming a foster home for a local rescue. It is a rewarding experience and most rescues will kind of let you pick out your foster based on temperment, size, etc. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you saved a life and you feel warm and fuzzy when you see how happy both dog and people are when they go to their new home together as a family. **

Our first foster and his new "big sister"

Our first foster and his new “big sister”


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