New Year’s Resolution- I have one this year!

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions lately. So many people vow to exercise, give up a bad habit, add more healthy foods to their diet or cut out unhealthy foods, or a mixture of all those things and more. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t make it to February before going back to their old, comfortable, disappointing ways they sought to change. Prime example, a girl on my Facebook said 12/31 that she’s giving up Mountain Dew as her New Years Resolutions. Every day she’d post “Day___ of no Mountain Dew! This is easier than I thought!” etc. etc. until about Jan. 8th. All of a sudden either she quit being as proud of herself as she was for the previous 7 days OR she caved and had some of that sweet neon liquid sugar but didn’t want to announce THAT to the Facebook world. It just seems so many people think it’s just about giving up a bad habit or being healthier and while those are great goals, they are ones that are generally gradually achieved over time.

Resolution time?

Resolution time?

I know myself well enough to to set unrealistic goals and be set up for failure. I wanted to make sure if I set a New Years resolution it was something doable for me and something I could keep working on. Not sure if I’ve mentioned, but I’m really good at starting things and being super excited about them and then letting them pitter out. I’ve started/abandoned three books, being vegan, a photography website, being an independent consultant for two work from home businesses, and many other things. So I generally don’t make resolutions because I know myself. This year I did.



After some thought following a dreadful realization, I’m resolving to take more pictures this year (as well as carry the habit with me in years to come). I’m not just talking about the nature-ish pictures I like to take, but specifically ones with the people who are important to me- my family, friends, and my love. And not “Hey we’re wasted let’s take pictures” pictures (though there probably will be some of those because sometimes they’re fun). Going through the unreasonably small amount of pictures I took while my boyfriend and I were back in South Dakota for Christmas, I realized we only had one picture together, and it was in the car on the way to see my family. I didn’t get any pictures with a single one of my friends or my family.

yep. bout sums it up.

yep. bout sums it up.

By next Christmas my family will be different. There’s 50+ of us now and in a year everyone will look different with hair styles, aging, height (mostly only applies to the children),  weight, etc. And there will for sure be more of us (one of my cousins had a baby today and another is due this summer) and hopefully not less but one never knows. Not only that, if we stay in CO next year for Christmas I’ll miss getting pictures again. Truth be told in my family with my grandma gone and everyone’s families starting to expand as my aunts are becoming grandma’s and spread out, I’m not sure how long we’ll all still get together for holidays. While we were up there, I REALLY wanted a picture (but for what ever reason didn’t think about it while being there) with my boyfriend and one with my mom, dad, and brother in front of my grandma’s big tree. (The tree isn’t nearly as big now as it seemed when I was younger but it’s still a significant tree) Every year each family would stand in front of her Christmas tree and get a picture and then we’d do a picture of grandma and all her grandkids in front of the tree and then grandma and all her children and their spouses.

Grandma with most of her grandkids in front of the tree (it's there, just a little hidden!)

Grandma with most of her grandkids in front of the tree (it’s there, just a little hidden!)

So aside from kicking myself for not getting any pictures with anyone for Christmas, I also failed to take any on New Years Eve. Well, that’s not entirely true. Let me rephrase. I didn’t take any pictures while we were out celebrating. I did take a picture of us when we got home and were both in something of a bad mood, so it was pretty forced. 😦  Speaking of kicking myself, I was looking through my pictures and could not find a picture of me with my grandma that was not more than at least 3 years old. UNACCEPTABLE! Now that she’s gone there’s nothing I can do about it except to make sure I don’t have the same regrets with anyone else when it’s too late.

So, long story short- PICTURES! More pictures is my New Years resolution! Pictures of game nights (I also want to have more game nights!), barbeques, concerts, hikes, holidays, birthdays, bar nights, date nights, random, awesome nights/days, etc! Here’s to 2013!!
What about you- Any resolutions? Why did you choose the one(s) you did?

-adorable memes from google images


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2 Responses to New Year’s Resolution- I have one this year!

  1. wavensongz says:

    Happy New Year to You. Thanks for stopping by and liking my food blog. I vowed not to do a resolution blog this year and not make one. The thought to fail another year left me COLD!!! 😦 So this year is to do Good, I can DO GOOD. 😉

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