~20 years.

My first day of kindergarten… as I remember it anyways. Never having attended preschool (evidently it wasn’t necessary since I was pretty smart and had most of the skills needed to go to kindergarten), I was super excited and mildly terrified. My mom and I get to my new school and I’m anxious to figure out what this “school” business is all about, proudly carrying my new backpack. Before I can even eyeball the room, we’re told I’m not able to attend this school because they’ve recently rezoned neighborhoods and we should have received a notice saying I was moved and would be attending Garfield elementary (which was awesome because Garfield was/is my favorite cartoon).

I have two garfield tattoos. This one and an angel one... my own  "Jiminy Cricket"

I have now have two garfield tattoos. This one and an angel one… my own “Jiminy Cricket”

In a flurry, we speed over to my “new” new school, but I’m still a little late so now it’s awkward when we go in. I’m not the only late child though; there’s another mom with a little girl and a little boy. The three of us are instructed to go sit down in the circle with the other kids where the teacher, Ms. B, was going to start introductions and such. All the kids who weren’t late scoot over and out enough to fit the three of us and I’m sitting by the little girl and the little boy (who are twins, but that’s a pretty foreign concept to me at this age).

Rose and I (and another girl) at my first grade birthday sleepover

Rose and I (and another girl) at my first grade birthday sleepover

I don’t remember anything else from that day or really any other tidbit from kindergarten but that little girl, Rose, would play a huge role in my life. Rose and her family moved to a new house, and were transferred to a new school right when 4th grade ends. I thought for sure I’d lost her as a friend, but we were able to call each other for weekend playdates and were able to see each other once a week when the gifted program would meet. Rose and I also ended up playing violin which helped put us in some of the same classes in middle school (and since we were of equal talent, we were stand partners through most of middle and high school).

Freshman year of high school came and again with orchestra and a lot of “advanced” classes, we were able to spend a lot of time together. Two weeks after my 14th birthday, Rose helped get me a job with her at Perkins (she was about a year older than me, so she had been working there for a couple months). We were inseparable. I attended my first concert (Good Charlotte), went to my first scary movie (the Others), spent a week at youth business camp with her,  and spent hours driving around in her Chevette listening to Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, and the like. To this day if I listen to “The Authority Song” I’m taken back to the passenger seat of that car.

Rose and I - junior year "fall formal"

Rose and I – junior year “fall formal”

When I started dating, things started to change. She didn’t seem to care for any of my boyfriends ( 10 years later, I fully realize I should have trusted her opinion). It never really affected our friendship until I started dating Chris. Prior to him, I was going to attend the same college as her; me for pre-vet, her for pre-med. However, I let him talk me out of it and going somewhere closer/cheaper since he was unwilling to move that far (the school I wanted to go to was 6 hours away) from his family and he “didn’t want to lose me since we had something so special”.

With such a great distance between us, it was a little difficult to maintain a close friendship and we drifted some. When I married Chris Rose and I were at the point of only seeing each other over school breaks when she was at home since I only went to school for two years and was back living in our hometown. My marriage didn’t last and by that time she was a little closer going to med school only 2 hours away from home. Things started to pick back up between Rose and I but a couple months after my divorce was finalized, I announced I was moving to Denver.

We both hate this picture. But it's the most recent one of us together taken the day I moved to Denver.

We both hate this picture. But it’s the most recent one of us together taken the day I moved to Denver.

I would see her the day I moved and not again for nearly a year and a half only out of sheer chance missing each other when either of us were home. My boyfriend and I got to have breakfast with her and her fiance while we were in S. Dakota for Christmas. She’s planning a wedding for October with her high school sweetheart and I get the honor of being in her bridal party. I truly admire her and the way she’s done things in her life. I wish I would have tried to be more like her, though I know things worked out the way they did for a reason and right now, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m thankful to still be friends for nearly 20 years now  and I’m happily looking forward to what the future brings for both of us, knowing no matter how far apart we are, we’re still close friends. Here’s to the next 20 years.-Oh, she not only approved of, but LIKES the boyfriend, which is a first since….ever. I plan on making him the last boyfriend of mine she meets 😉


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Figuring life and the "about me" out as I go :) In a nutshell: I work, go to school, run a women's book club, support the local music scene in Denver, and whatever else floats my boat at the time.
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