Celebrity Trivia? Or Something Else Relevant.

I don’t think I envy celebrities. I used to imagine that it would be super cool to be someone who starred in a number of movies or a hit TV show but after some of the idiocies I witnessed last night- it is confirmed; I’m fine being a nobody to most of the world. What probably really did it for me was reading some of the live tweet with Jesse Williams. You may not know his name just yet, but he is a beautiful specimen of a man who, most recently, played in Cabin in the Woods, but is most well-known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy (If you didn’t finish last season, I’m going to throw up a spoiler alert here- go read one of my other posts instead). See, now that you’ve registered a face, and thatface, I’ve lost you to some fantasy. Wipe the drool off your chin! I might be speaking to myself more than anyone there. Where was I?

Not bad, eh?

Oh yes, live tweet. So essentially, he set aside certain times to be glued to his twitter account and answer questions from fans. I was kind of under the impression they were to be questions relating to Grey’s Anatomy…or at least his acting career in general. Some of them were, though nothing of actual content. Example: “Do you think Jackson was sad when Lexie died?” Well, first of all- if you knew enough to ask that question, you’re dumb for asking. Second, he’s not really Jackson- she’s not really Lexie; they are CHARACTERS. In real life, she is likely still alive and well. He portrays whatever emotion Shonda Rhimes (a genius) writes in his script.

I did catch a couple very pertinent questions throughout my observation:
“Do you like ketchup?”
“What color is your couch?”
“Can I borrow $20?”
“How do you make your eyes sparkle in the light? That is sooo cool!”
“What’s your favorite meat?”
“What’s your favorite vegetarian food?”
“Do you love your fans in Paraguay/El Salvador/Argentina?”

He does have very stunning eyes…

Now, before you get all, “Yeah, but April, you were paying attention to this live tweet, meaning you are the tweedle dee to their tweedle dumb.” Let me interject. First of all, ouch- that wasn’t very nice. Second, I was home, relaxing for a change, and just so happened I thought I would take a peak at the latest tweets since I hadn’t checked the old twitter chatter in a couple days when all this was live tweeting was going on. I did join in and ask a question, “After seeing some of these outrageous questions, do you have any regrets in agreeing to this live tweet?”  Mr. Williams didn’t comment. He was busy killing some poor girl (assuming?)  who announced “OMG if you RT me I will DIE!… and then you’ll have to save me!”

I understand why she would want him to save her… if I had a doctor that looked like that, I’d be sick once a week..at least.


In case you are wondering… or in the unlikely event I get famous- I’ll give you guys a head start. I like ketchup, but I don’t like how it smells. My couch is tan…and awesome. Give me a damn good reason why you need that $20 and I’ll consider it. I’ve installed LED lights behind my pupils. If you count seafood as meat I’m going to say scallops. For this one I’ll pull the “what he said” (not in a sex way, I’m using the same answer he gave) and go with, “Vegetables, in the RAW”. I’m appreciative of and metaphorically “love” my fans everywhere! There, now you know the answers of what makes me, me. 🙂

*pictures found on google images. To see more tweets from the chat… go here


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