I’m blushing! ;)

Aw!! I was nominated for my second award! And….drumroll…I accept! It is the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers!  I need to thank Author Ashley for this award.  I love love love love when people think I can put words together enough to make sense in an enjoyable form. So to accept this award I need to do a couple things- first thing is post a picture of the award.

post picture- DONE!

Next is 7 things about me.
Well…the majority of this blog is figuring the “about me” out, so I’m sure a few things have been revealed, but I’ll give 7 things that pop into my head anyways.

1. I have two dogs (that part you might already know) and we’re becoming foster parents to another dog!! Someone my boyfriend works with runs a dog rescue and has been looking for homes to foster the dogs while they wait for their “forever homes” We are getting an Australian Shepherd today.

2. I love gummi things- worms, bears, octopi, fruit snacks- sour, sweet, chewy, soft. I lovvvvee gummis!

3. I’m weird about eyes- I love looking at them and notice the colors of them but I can’t stand it when somebody touches their eye, or when things get in mine. If I even hear about something dealing with eyes (the Lasik surgery process, etc) mine get watery and I get goose-bumpy. When I was 17 I caught pink-eye and it took 3 grown men to hold me down and get drops in.

4. My town used to have teen dances and it is my fault they quit doing them when I was a junior. I got into a fist fight with a girl who slept with my boyfriend on Christmas while I was out of town- he was my “first”. Half the people at the dance circled around us; the ambulance was called, but I’m not sure why- it definitely wasn’t for me- I bolted. I was recognized as the girl from “that fight” 4 years after it happened. Not my proudest moment.

5. I believe I’ve mentioned my love affair with the motor vehicles, but I not only enjoy looking at and driving them, but working on them as well. In the past 2 months, I’ve changed my starter, brakes, and oil; the dirtier I get the more accomplished I feel! This current vehicle of mine is the first that hasn’t been a stick/manual transmission since 2006. I’m either going to replace Jeffrey the jeep at the beginning of 2013 or add a motorcycle if things go to plan.

6. I have a stupid memory. By stupid I mean that I can remember things that aren’t necessarily important- license plates of the people I know, phone numbers if I see them once, random facts, etc. However, I have to relearn card games every time I play them (if it’s been a chunk of time), and I sometimes don’t remember who said what in important conversations. It’s quite frustrating.

7. I moved and we don’t have internet yet (hence lack of posts) and I feel like a jackass sitting in Barnes and Noble not doing anything “professional” just hanging out in my capris and a band shirt doing word things.

In order to accept this award, I also have to pass it on to 7 other bloggers. Here goes in no order-

Not Quite Old. – She is exactly what I want to be when I “grow up”

Oh Yes They Did! – This person finds the most ridiculous things on Pinterest, Etsy and the like. I don’t use Pinterest, but man oh man I LOVE seeing what’s out there!

RFL (A Rich, Full Life In Spite Of It)- She gets adorable love notes from her husband 😉 and warts (not from her husband), and plots excellent revenge on awful neighbors…and basically tackles the world.

The Bitchy Truth–  It is what it sounds like- she takes things like an average day at work, TV shows, etc and lays them out for you in black and white. Also, if you’re pondering whether or not you’re boring, she has a post to help you find the answer!

Pithypants–  will judge you for some of the very same things I would and she made me want to check out Michigan

Tracy Fulks – she’s funny and will write about anything (boobs, drunken adventures, etc.)

Reheated Coffee – I like everything she writes, even though she’s aspiring to be a cat lady and writing a terrible novel 😉


That’s it. I’ve done it. I’ve accepted this award; the guilt of taking a long time to fulfill my obligations is over! I hope the people I’ve passed it on to know that I enjoy reading the words they write, whether they accept the award or not 🙂

Thanks again Ashey!!


About dawn of april

Figuring life and the "about me" out as I go :) In a nutshell: I work, go to school, run a women's book club, support the local music scene in Denver, and whatever else floats my boat at the time.
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6 Responses to I’m blushing! ;)

  1. Why thank you!!! I appreciate it! 🙂 Love your blog too!

  2. Thanks so much for the second nomination! I’m so glad you enjoy reading my blog. I’m also loving yours. And gummi things. I love gummi things, too.

  3. RFL says:

    Thank you for the blog award! I think your blog is great, and it’s cool to learn more about you 🙂 I wish I could fix anything on a car. My crankshaft went out last week, and it was all I could do to not laugh at the guy telling me I needed to replace the crankshaft, while asking, “What’s a crankshaft do?”

    • Lol I’m sure he got a good chuckle! I grew up around cars and hate the idea of spending money for someone else to do stuff to my dear sweet Jeffrey Jeep when I can do it myself and know I’m not going to mess anything up…intentionally haha

  4. diannegray says:

    A HUGE congrats to you, Dawn! I’ll be checking out all your nominees blogs 🙂

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