Viva la Mexico!

So, currently I am on a working vacation. I am going to use the term “working” loosely because my job is pretty ok and it’s work but not. If you haven’t read my first post, I am a nanny to a 2 and a half year old and a now 4 month old and I am with their family in Mexico. This is my first real vacation, my first time seeing an ocean, and my first time leaving the country. I could not (still cannot) believe how big and blue the Pacific Ocean(and probably the rest) are. I’m staring at it right now and can’t even imagine how much more there is of it that I can’t see.  I will say that I don’t think I could ever live on an island without feeling claustrophobic. Being at the will of that much water is not something I want to deal with on a regular basis.

Breakfast in Mexico

This is the view from our outside table where we had breakfast

We’re here in Punta de Mita during the “off season” for tourists, which is nice because it’s already a “private” (guests at this resort only unless you walk a ways) beach but with it being off season, there really aren’t a lot of people here to have to share it with. Even if the place were swarming with tourists, I think I’d still be lonely here. Like I said, it’s a working vacation so everything I do has to be child appropriate and the fun stops at bedtime…8:00. I mean I don’t have to go to bed then but as I am sharing a room with a 2 year old I can’t do anything too loud-   no going out and getting drunk with the locals for a 2:00AM adventure; I can’t even bring my computer down and listen to music/write/skype my boy. I literally get no privacy, spare when the schedule allows me a shower. I can stay up past 8 upstairs and write/skype/facebook creep but I won’t be alone upstairs and though I don’t have to go to bed at 8, I can’t stay up too late because I have to get up with the kid and 2 year olds don’t sleep in. It is the worst sleep I’ve ever had- I have to wear PJs (yep, I’m a naked sleeper), sleep in a TWIN sized bed (compared to my awesome queen) and I don’t think I ever go into a deep sleep for fear the kid will wake up and I won’t hear him. Man, I wish I could though; the other night it stormed and he was up at 1, 3, and 5. Blah.

I don’t know how people think vacation is relaxing. I see/hear about so many people who cram in as many activities as they can in the number of days they have. Sun is hard on a body and drains all the energy out of you while it is burning your flesh. I’ve been getting more sleep here per night, according to my alarm clock (‘This alarm is set for 8 hours and 31 minutes from now’), than I have in MONTHS, but I’m wiped out by 9 and struggle to keep myself awake until 11. We’ve crammed some activities in, but a lot don’t include me. I’ve been left out of shopping, surfing, ziplining, and as this is the last day of vacation it is safe to say I was only able to swim in the ocean once. I am so ready for Colorado, and so is my hair! Being from South Dakota, I am used to high humidity (yes, where I’m from it is extreme climate, believe it or not) but I forgot how much I hated my hair before I moved to the mountains. Back home I had to straighten it every day and even then it was frizzy and I cut 6-9 inches off every summer because I would get so frustrated and it would be so hot. Move to the mountains and all I have to do is comb it after the shower and BAM, straight and silky smooth.

Looking out

I did get to spend an hour here reading a great book. SO relaxing!

I will miss the food I think. We’ve had some of the best meals I’ve ever tasted (cactus with mango and honey mustard won-ton wrapped shrimp salad was my FAVORITE) and some of the best service. If you ever find yourself anywhere near Punta de Mita you MUST go to Si Senor’s. Not only is it right on the beach (literally your chairs/tables are in the sand), but the food is AMAZING and the service is right up there with the food. I experienced a food-gasm caused by the biggest, tastiest coconut shrimp drizzled with a honey Dijon sauce and served over a cooked pineapple ring.  YUM. We also had private chefs two of the nights here and I can’t remember where they were associated with but they do cooking for the Four Seasons as well. Los Vallerios, maybe? They were the ones who made the cactus salad, as well as a shrimp risotto that was well worth the food baby I sported for a couple hours after. These guys were so friendly and even wrote down the recipe and directions on how to make everything ourselves.

Si senor

Put it on your bucket list to eat here!


The most delicious coconut shrimp!

Breakfast fruit

This was how our fruit was served with our breakfast- always arranged differently and so colorful!

The beach vendors were a little insane when we went to the public beach in Sayulita– literally one every 30-45 seconds. I mean, it’s off season so they probably don’t take as long with their rounds…but I was able to get all of my souvenirs- including a very pretty silver necklace for my mom that I will wear to “break in” until I go home to visit in a couple weeks. (I’m pretty excited for that- but that’ll be another story for another day.) I felt a little bad talking the guy down from $70 to $40…but it is what it is. Also, not going to miss the BUGS…or huge, creepy spider that I noticed lurking by the beach club on about day six. Funny story (though not really- it just makes me sound dumb) the first day we got to our temporary domicile, there was a brochure on stuff to go do within a reasonable distance and I saw the massage list and just about fell over when I saw a manicure listed for 250…I immediately thought USD since that’s where we are from and everything was in English. Oops. Sometimes pesos look overwhelming.


This guy joined us for breakfast one day..


I realize this is not my best work of words by any measure; I just wanted to post a couple pictures and recount some of my first journey to a new world. I would love to go back to where we stayed…with people my own age and that post will be one of excitement.


Different and pretty every night-rivals the sunsets of the mountains

**So, I actually returned from Mexico 2 weeks ago and have been delayed in posting this word vomit, my apologies for the 3 people that read my stuff**


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  1. diannegray says:

    Oh – I want that food-gasm! I LOVE seafood 🙂

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