Grammy? Oscar? Tony? Even better- the Sunshine :)

Oh my GAAWD! I wasn’t expecting this! (*blushes and fans self*) Umm, where do I start?! Um, I’d like to thank my pimp, my drug dealer, um my parents?, my computer…but not facebook- I get too distracted with that, my dogs for all their support in leaving me alone while I’m at said computer, my boyfriend for being at band practice a couple nights a week leaving me to figure out a decent way to spend my time…

In all seriousness, HOLY (whatever word you prefer to come after an excited “HOLY”)! My first award! I’ve read on a few “award posts” they don’t mean much in the real world, just that someone liked your post/blog/face enough to express their thoughts in a way that’s more than just saying, “Hey, I like your post/blog/face.” Whether they mean anything to you or not, I’m pretty damn excited…in that nerdy way where I actually sent my boyfriend a text saying, “AH! My blog got nominated for an award!” By the way, when is the awards ceremony? I MUST go shopping for something to wear, and clearly work on my “just-in-case, but act surprised even though you’ve rehearsed it multiple times in the bathroom with your fanciest perfume bottle as the award” acceptance speech.

Enough with the kidding! I know there’s no ceremony! I have no pimp or drug dealer, I probably don’t care that much what I would wear to an imaginary (or real) ceremony. The rest is all true…probably. Thank you to Maryann for nominating me! Her blog was one of the first 3 I followed, and I love it. You should check it out if you haven’t.

And now for the stipulations regarding my acceptance of this reward:
1. Post a picture of this award somewhere on your blog. – I’m going to put it as many places as it’s appropriate (that’s what she said), so here it is once.


2. 10 things about myself, more or less — If you have read any of my blog you probably know more than my drug dealer, pimp, boss does about me, but here we go.
1. I’m a pescatarian. This is recent-ish. I grew up eating lots of meat, and then I watched Forks Over Knives, tried to be vegan but I can’t give up seafood…or half of the dairy items- mostly ice cream, cheese, and chocolate.
2. I don’t like the music of Bob Marley. Sorry to all you hippie/stoner/hipsters or whoever listens to it. I’ve tried and while I give him some credit for the content of what he’s saying, I can’t stand his voice or the music that goes along with it.
3. I went to school at one of the top 10 two year technical schools in the United States…and you’ve never heard of it. I have a diploma in Human Services, with the child development option. I also went to school at SDSU (South Dakota State University, not San Diego) where my English 101 teacher said I wrote the best paper she’d read all semester. It was an ad analysis of a Victoria’s Secret magazine advertisement.
4. I am a huge nerd for geology related stuff. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc. I also like exploring some of the 2012 apocalypse theories (not to say I believe them) and I am thinking about creating a spin-off blog that basically gives my thoughts on the aforementioned subjects, as well as some actual information.
5. Probably the only reason I haven’t started said blog from Thing 4 is that I don’t have a name for it- so if you have suggestions, I’ll take them and probably not use them, but they might spark my own idea.
6. You hear of “crazy cat ladies” well I could be a crazy dog lady. Technically, I co-own 4 canines. 2 permanently live with my parents in South Dakota where they can swim in the pond and run around chasing pheasants, wild turkeys, turtles, mice, cats, whatever other creatures waltz onto the property. I like bigger dogs and the 4 I am associated with are: springer spaniel (Otis), golden retriever/Brittany spaniel mix (Raven), Australian kelpie (Fia), and german shepherd/husky mix (Yuna).
7. I’ve seen my kneecap, but it’s unexplainable how it happened. I fell in grass…no glass, sticks, rocks, etc. just grass and dirt, but sliced it clean, all the way down to the bone.
8. My favorite TV shows- when I have time to watch TV- are It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development, House, Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock. I loved Flash Forward and Life on Mars but they were cancelled (I went through a time where I watched TV mainly online)
9. I don’t twitter, tumblr, instagram, etc. I facebook and wordpress. I used to picnik before that was no longer an option. I enjoy photography in my spare time, did I mention that?
10. I hate/have an irrational of heights (unless I’m strapped in- ferris wheel=hell no, roller coaster=yup but I sat on the top of a 14,259 ft mountain looking down to a lake 6,000 ft below and that didn’t freak me out), escalators, eyes- I love looking at them but hate when people touch their eyes or when things get in mine and spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Third thing I’m supposed to do for this award is to nominate 10-12 other bloggers for this award. I probably don’t follow many more than that since I’m still new to this site, but these were some of my firsts and definitely my favorites 🙂
notquiteold – I’ve loved everything I’ve read so far and LOVE the drawings!
tracy fulks – hilarious. love the tattoo and font posts and can’t wait to read what her cousin has to say
Relatively Awesome– One of the first three bloggers I followed. Caught my attention with “30 rock” and continues to keep it- love the latest post! ALSO has a joint blog with my nominator called Epic Rivalry that is pretty entertaining.
Classic Confusion– initially caught me with her post about shoes, but really caught me with the cars- i love cars!
She Can’t Be Serious -like the style plus I always chuckle or can relate to something
pithypants– LOVE! especially balcony post!
The Write Transition– clever, witty, and informative. Also love hearing what comes out of the mouths of her children.
A Rich, Full Life In Spite of It– in spite of what? go find out and read the “Time to Suit Up Ladies…” post
Vicky…The Northern Chicky– My first true, random follower! Turns out, I like her blog too! You can’t go wrong with titles like; “Mommy, look at the size of HIS tent” or “Oh Dear God, Don’t sit on the pineapple”
PFPT – I find myself reading these posts with a British accent, love the house guest how-to

There you have it, 10! I’m also supposed to link to the person who nominated me which I did, but will link again so you don’t have to scroll back to find hers as you visit and love all 10 of those (*points up*) Here she is with the cleverly titled Reheated Coffee.


About dawn of april

Figuring life and the "about me" out as I go :) In a nutshell: I work, go to school, run a women's book club, support the local music scene in Denver, and whatever else floats my boat at the time.
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12 Responses to Grammy? Oscar? Tony? Even better- the Sunshine :)

  1. pithypants says:

    Thanks for the shout out! And congrats on the very sunny, very shiny award! No awards ceremony? Go buy yourself a new frock anyway!

    • Thanks! No problem-thanks for writing stuff so easy to love. Oh, I intend on finding the fanciest thrift store, buying the most extravagent ensemble, and will conduct an awards cermony for my dogs. 😉

  2. tracy fulks says:

    Hey there, Congratulations and thanks for the shout out!

  3. crubin says:

    What a wonderful surprise to power up the laptop and see another blogger has gifted me with an award. Thank you so much! Although I already have that one, it is a treat to be recognized and mentioned. And congratulations on receiving your own award so early. Good for you!

    I loved your acceptance speech, and I especially loved the line: “I’ve seen my kneecap”–it’s originality caught my eye, and now it keeps bizarrely replaying in my mind. And I’m with you on “Dexter.” It’s one of my favorite shows, though I worry what that says about me. 🙂

    • Thank you! To help you visualize my kneecap- I was in 5th grade wearing my favorite pair of “swishy pants” and I fell at the park-didn’t feel anything but looked down and saw a slit in the pants. Hiked them up and there was the kneecap with the skin around it sliced clean-as though with a scalpel. And 15ish years later still an ugly scar and some weird touch sensations in that area. By the way, having Dexter as a favorite show is good in my book and I think I am pretty well-rounded 😉 can’t wait for the new season!

  4. clemarchives says:

    Thanks for the nomination! It’s funny that you got the nomination from Maryann who is my writing partner, though maybe that’s not a coincidence. And I’ve been enjoying your blog as well!

  5. Aw, thank you so much! I’m flattered! I haven’t worked on my assignment yet, but promise that I will!

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