The “appeal” of the mosh pit

As I stated in my original post, I love live music. I listen to a little bit of everything and I know people say that, but I really do. If you got a hold of my mp3 player, you would think I was insane- anything from Disney songs to Five Finger Death Punch to Shania Twain to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Dvorak and everything in between. However, I would say the majority of the music on there falls under the “rock” genre.

There are so many ways to define “rock music“- classic, heavy, modern, alternative- the list goes on. It’s pretty  safe to say I am into all kinds of rock HOWEVER some of my favorite bands which get the most play are: Hurt, Chevelle, Seether, 10 Years, Breaking Benjamin, Cold, and some local rock bands.

If you are familiar with these or similar bands (even if you’re not- I’m kind of going to get to my point and with any luck my sleep deprived words will make enough sense for you to understand), you know that some of their songs are more “upbeat” than others and make people want to sing along loudly and enthusiastically while sort of bouncing up and down. That’s all fine and dandy when you’re in your car or your bathroom getting ready for the day, but when you see the band performing live it seems something else entirely happens. And then you mix in alcohol.

In the last 5 weeks, I’ve seen 6 concerts- 3 of them being national acts making their stop in Denver amidst their touring, the others being local bands. I am 5’2″ so if anyone is in front of me I lose my view of the stage. We can’t have that. I make it a point to arrive to venues early enough that I can claim my place right in front.

I would like to say that everyone who attends these performances is respectful of personal space. They don’t pack in like sardines, they definitely aren’t close enough to you that you can feel/smell their every exhalation, and none of them would ever dream about being pushy. However, I can’t truthfully say any of that.

What I can say is that people are idiots and I can’t begin to understand why they do what they do. One of such things-what do they find appealing about mosh pits? offered a couple definitions for moshing- this one struck me as the closest to what I’ve witnessed- “getting beat up in a fun way; people that like punk rock music run around in a circle and crash into each other for fun”. About that I’d like to state that moshing definitely isn’t limited to punk music, though I wish it were since I don’t listen to much of that. Moving on.

Please, enlighten me. What about “getting beat up” could be fun?! “OMG the moshpit last night was so awesome! I have bruises everywhere and my body aches with every move I make- I might have even dislocated my shoulder. You should have been there!” Um, no thanks- I don’t care to look like a poster girl for domestic abuse (which is no joking matter- I don’t think anyone would call that “getting beat up in a fun way”). It is said that there is “mosh pit etiquette” and nobody is really trying to hurt anyone- then why do real fist fights break out often and why have their been serious injuries and DEATH caused by this fun way of “rough-housing”?!

Don’t even get me started on crowd surfing- do you think I want your ass in my face or to be kicked in the head as you go by? No thanks, I secretlyhope someone drops you square on your face. Even if participating in mosh pits sounded at all alluring to me, I am not going to jeopordize my spot up front to get tossed around by some smelly dudes.

Yes, it’s truly a tough call.

SERIOUSLY people- you know you’re going to a concert and are going to be close to other humans, invest in some damn deodorant. I always try to look cute, and while I will dance a little and sing along to show my support, I am not a sweaty, bloody, bruised mess by the end of the show. This is something that has been appreciated by band members. J. Loren Wince of Hurt apologized to my boyfriend for having “eye moments” with me…eye moments that wouldn’t have happened if I would have been having fun getting beat up.
*sidenote- eye moments or not, I am happy where I’m at

These are just my thoughts and if you are a mosher and I’ve offended you-why don’t you attend the next show I go to? We can beat each other up “for fun” 😉

— pictures found from typing “mosh pit” in google images–


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