Imagine if I’d been born in May..

Odd, that’s the last sentence to my first post….
Here’s the thing- I think I would have despised my parents a little bit if I would have been born in May. I was supposed to be- May 2nd might have been my due date? I said in my first post my name is April Dawn and I was born in April. I got a little curious growing up and asked about my name, as I think most kids should- it’s important to know where it came from. My mother informed me they just “really liked” the name April, so that would have been my name regardless of when I was born. Dawn happened to be about the time labor started, so that’s where that came from. HOWEVER, she also dropped the bomb that had I been born in May, I would have been April May. Who does that?!

I grew up getting shit from so many people about being named April, especially when they found out my birthday. “Ooh that makes sense. Clever!” was often a sarcastic response I would hear. I rarely divulged the story of my middle name. My 6th grade teacher always called me “April May June” and as soon as May came around, I’d hear “April’s showers should bring May flowers”- if there was no flowers, clearly it was because of my poor hygiene and not because in South Dakota we get blizzards in April. My bad.

So many people give their kids terrible names and it breaks my heart a little. I get that some family names that are passed down and such, but if they’re “awful” by today’s standards, they at least get character credit for being old and probably coming with a couple stories. I’m talking about names that don’t flow well, will get your kid emotionally beat up, and the like of other bad things that come associated with a name.

I’m not going to give any specific examples because no matter which awful ones I mention SOMEBODY is going to know someone with a cousin named Apple or Kyd or Seven who’s either “just the coolest person ever!” or has had some sort of tragic life and then I’m going to feel like an asshole. What I will say is yes, I have a couple names rolling around in my head for my future offspring and yep, they have potential to be viewed as “awful” in the eyes of some. BUT they have meaning…or at least the middle names do so if they really hate their first name, they have an option to go by a meaningful middle name.

I’ll give you one of them. Only because I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to use it. I mentioned I have a large and close extended family, so a few of my 26 cousins have had kids and have taken a coupe names  that I’ve liked, none that I was set on…until recently. One of the cousins I am closest to finds out her third child will be a girl after having 2 boys…good for her. She comes to CO to visit before finding out the baby is a girl and I ask her about names. She says if it’s a girl they want to name her Evelyn Yvonne and call her Evie. I flipped a little and from there on, I hoped it was another boy because one name I really want for my future little girl is Evie Christine, but no luck.  Here’s the kicker both Yvonne and Christine come from our grandma who just passed away Jan. 10th 2012 (Yvonne Florence Christine), so not only would they have the same (essentially) first name, but middle name would come from the same place and I would be the bastard for naming my kid the same as hers. Sometimes it’s like I’m being punished for waiting to have kids and gambling to see what names are left.

Another thing that kinda bugs me with names is when a family gives all their kids names that start with the same letter. My grandma and grandpa did just that…with their 10 kids- Randolph, Renae, Rhonda, Roxanne, Rita, Rollin, Rae, Robin, Rudolph, and Ramona. When you have more than one and need to “yell” at one the names kind of combine anyways. I have a younger brother, Brandon and I was always “Brapril”. My mom will often go through a couple names to get to the one she wants when she’s referring to one of her sisters- “Ren, Rhon, Roxanne!” Ridiculous.

So, the name rant wasn’t supposed to be as long as it ended up being. Whoops. I was going to get into a little more “about me” stuff, but now it just seems like that would all be suited for another post since it would be a little bit of a subject change…mayhaps the next one. ImageYay flowers….All because I showered?


About dawn of april

Figuring life and the "about me" out as I go :) In a nutshell: I work, go to school, run a women's book club, support the local music scene in Denver, and whatever else floats my boat at the time.
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3 Responses to Imagine if I’d been born in May..

  1. Hey! I love this post. I had this whole thing about naming my kid November, but thought it would be kind of weird. I really like the name April, if that’s worth anything (I’m also born in April and sort of wanted to be named April growing up). And now you have a great blog name! I nominated this for the Sunshine award here:

  2. bkr12 says:

    My parents gave me a horrendous first name that even they never used. I’ve always been called by my middle name, Lisa. They named me after my grandmother with a really old-fashioned name that I have only ever come across about twice in my life. Having done that, I was never called by that name. WTF? Finally after years of hassle from doctors, schools, anything requiring official documentation, then resulted in arguments over me proving who I was. Ten years ago when I needed a new passport I cracked the shits and officially changed my name so that I dropped the first name and my middle name because my first name. Everyone keeping up? Then two years later when I got married I had to do it all again to change to my married name. I don’t have kids but if I ever did I would just call them a name they wouldn’t hate so they didn’t have to carry the burden around until their late teens when they were finally old enough to change it without having to get permission. I must say I really can’t stand these new ridiculous celebrity names. Just be normal people! I loved your post. Thanks !

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