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Grammy? Oscar? Tony? Even better- the Sunshine :)

Oh my GAAWD! I wasn’t expecting this! (*blushes and fans self*) Umm, where do I start?! Um, I’d like to thank my pimp, my drug dealer, um my parents?, my computer…but not facebook- I get too distracted with that, my … Continue reading

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Fate? Destiny? Coincidence?

I often think of the way paths cross and how the littlest things can change everything. In fact- the ending to my last post was “It’s funny how things work sometimes and how the smallest thing can change everything…” I … Continue reading

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A year ago…How time flies!

Happy Memorial weekend! And thanks to all who make and have made this holiday what it is.  A year ago this particular weekend I was flying high on excitement as I left South Dakota that Thursday night heading for Denver, … Continue reading

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The “appeal” of the mosh pit

As I stated in my original post, I love live music. I listen to a little bit of everything and I know people say that, but I really do. If you got a hold of my mp3 player, you would … Continue reading

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Imagine if I’d been born in May..

Odd, that’s the last sentence to my first post…. Here’s the thing- I think I would have despised my parents a little bit if I would have been born in May. I was supposed to be- May 2nd might have … Continue reading

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About me??

I’ve started this blog with no clue what it will turn into. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so what the hell, let’s see what happens. As I’m doing the very simple task of creating it, I am asked “About me” for … Continue reading

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