Day 25-27. Bag, friends, why

Day 25. What would be found in my bag. 

By bag, I’m going with purse and in that you’d find a wallet with my cards and Burt’s Bees lip balm. You’d also find a checkbook, pen, ipod, keys, gum, piece of paper with football squares for the upcoming Bronco game, a pair of earrings, and a couple receipts. Nothing too crazy.

Day 26. What you think about your friends. 

This seems kind of silly to me because obviously I like them and they have traits I respect or they wouldn’t be my friends. As day 26 was Thanksgiving  I will say that I am thankful for my friends (among many other things), whether they are near or far, or we speak every day or just occasionally.

Day 27. Why are you doing this challenge.

Truthfully I missed writing stuff but struggled to get back into it and I love that challenges make it so I don’t have to think about what to write and it just gets me in the habit of doing it.

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Day 23-24. Cravings and Books

Day 23. Something you crave for a lot. 

Chocolate. Also love. I love love and getting love and giving love. Puppies. By puppies I mean dogs of all ages. I have been craving another fur baby. Effective communication- I get really frustrated when I can’t communicate something clearly or someone can’t/doesn’t communicate clearly to me. Also ice cream. And good books.

Day 24. 3 books on your bookshelf.

Umm. I have almost 200 books on my bookshelves. Let’s go with the three I have in direct eye sight either because I am reading, about to read, or just finished and haven’t put away yet.

  1. Orange is the New Black– Piper Kerman (the book that they based a TV series from) – just started reading.
  2. Angela’s Ashes– Frank McCourt – about to read for my book club.
  3. Looking for Alaska– John Green- just finished (enjoyed it)
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Day 21-22. Happy picture and differenes

Day 21. A picture of something that makes you happy. 

A lot of things make me happy- spending time with family, great memories with friends, my boyfriend, my dog, new shoes/coats/outfits, the success of my book club, my favorite shows/movies/books, a clean house, pictures/videos of puppies and other cute things, and on and on.

We’re going to go with the dog and a picture I took just after we moved to the new place with a yard – it’s the first time we’ve had a decent yard and she loves to chase the squirrels that live/play in the trees. She tries so hard to get as far up the tree as she can. The second picture is when she’s not outside and knows the squirrels are in the yard she pouts by the door and it’s adorable. It makes me happy that she finally has a yard she loves. GetAttachmentGetAttachment (1)

Day 22. What makes you different from everyone else. 

Fingerprints, DNA, my thoughts, the way I interpret said thoughts, relationships, and on and on. People on the whole are so much alike but so different. This list could be endless.

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Day 20. Marriage and whatnot.

Day 20. Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.

Well I guess it’s time to come public with the fact that Aaron Rodgers is my future ex-husband (yes, ex: celeb marriages never work and I’m being realistic). He may not be aware of it yet, but that’s a minor detail and that’s my plan. Plans frequently change though. In the event I don’t end up Mrs. Rodgers, I suppose I could find another suitable option. This other option would have to:
*Have a solid sense of humor similar to my own. I like all kinds of humor- dirty, dry, sarcastic, witty, etc.
*Be kind to animals– I’m not saying he/she (I’m fairly open minded I guess) needs to run a zoo in their house but it’s important to me they aren’t actively mean/neglectful to animals.
*Try to get along with their family— it’s not always possible but I value someone who feels family is important.
*Have their own identity/friends. I’m all for mixing friends, but I don’t want to be anyone’s entire social life. I make sure I schedule some time every week to do my own thing- they need to as well.
*Encourage me to be better without pushing too hard— tricky one. As an example, when I say I want to focus more on eating better, encourage it but be on board and don’t put me down if I decide I want pizza one night.
*Be an open and honest communicator.  Communication is huge for me and the more open and honest someone is, the closer I feel to them and the more secure I am in that relationship.
*Be flexible– sometimes I love lazy days, other times I am restless and need to be doing something. You don’t have to be up for/do everything I’m in the mood for all the time, but be flexible about variety.
*Love my dog. She’s got some quirks but she’s overall a great dog. She is  very important to me and will be with me until one of us dies.
*Be willing to visit South Dakota— I know it isn’t a top tourist destination- but it’s where I grew up and where my family and friends are. I try to visit at least 2-3 times a year.
*Enjoy/appreciate music. A variety would be awesome, but I’ll jam nearly anything. I like going to shows and I listen to music almost always when I’m cleaning/cooking/driving/working/showering/getting ready. I also like talking about music.
*Be faithful. This is so important. In today’s society it’s easy to get swept up and overwhelmed with options. Technology is great but now there’s sexting, online dating, apps designed to cover up evidence of at least a textual/virtual affair, so on. It’s something I’ve dealt with in almost every relationship and ultimately the reason why most of them ended.
*Be present. I don’t want to spend time with you and your phone/xbox/etc. If we’re out to dinner, I’d like to think our conversation should be able to hold your attention without the interruption of facebook or whatever. Should that not be the case, use your communication skills to tell me I’m a boring conversationalists and let’s think of something to talk about.  Obviously emergent/pressing situations are an exception.
*Be patient. Sometimes I’m ridiculous, sometimes I get self conscious and need a little reassurance, sometimes I’m indecisive (mostly about food), sometimes I’m silly, every once in a while I even get emotional. Be patient with me being a human woman and I’ll be patient with you when you’re being human.

I think that covers it more or less. Lucky for me, I have spent the last year and a half with someone who seems to embody that list. Even better, he knows about Aaron Rodgers. I’d consider myself pretty fortunate if I were able to spend however long I’ve got left with him  but I’ve learned nothing is guaranteed and I’m happy to take things one day at a time just knowing that there is someone out there who can be all of these things.  Yay love stuff!

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Day 16-19. Photo, life swap, plans, nicknames.

Been slacking a little bit– life and all.

Day 16. Another picture of yourself. 


Top of Mt. Evans- Aug 2015

Day 17. Someone you’d want to switch lives with for one day and why.

There’s a number of people I’d like to switch with and the main why for all of these people is to see things from their perspective. If I had to pick exactly one person….it’s such a hard call…ugh. Alright, I pick my boyfriend. I’d love for him to see himself the way I do and of course I’d be curious to see myself the way he sees me.

Day 18. Plans/Dreams/Goals you have.

Lots. Is that a sufficient answer? No? Ok, I’m not sure how long term we’re talking here. Let’s go with the next 6 hours. I plan to pour myself a much needed glass of wine. I dream that it will be delicious and exactly as good as I need it to be. And my goal is to finish the bottle (in all fairness there’s maybe 2 glasses in there). From there I plan to make tater tot hotdish, dream that it will be as good as it always was when I was a kid with a goal that it will fill me up. Thereafter, I plan to go to bed, where I will dream of whatever floats from my subconscious, and the goal is for one night to sleep well and uninterrupted.

Day 19. Nicknames you have and why you have them.

Ape– short for April-also when I was really young I tried to shove whole bananas in my mouth much like a monkey.
Ape the grape/grape Ape– it rhymes and came after Ape started.
Tigger– this one is from work, because I’m bouncy.
Sugar- this from the boy, allegedly because I’m sweet.

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Day 14 & 15. Family & iPod

Day 14. A photo of you and your family.

There’s almost no way to get a picture of my whole family as we seem to be multiplying every day and becoming more spread out across the US. And I’m sure some of them wouldn’t want to be floating around the interwebs all willy nilly, so I’ll just put up a picture of myself and my immediate family because they don’t even use the internet. Old school.

mid 2013 when they came out to CO to visit. Mom, Dad, Self, Little Bro

mid 2013 when they came out to CO to visit. Mom, Dad, Self, Little Bro

Day 15. iPod on shuffle- first 10 songs that play. 

This ought to be fun. My ipod contains quite the mix of genres.

  1. Shania Twain- Any Man of Mine
  2. Decyfer Down- Scarecrow
  3. Dire Straits- Sultans of Swing
  4. Halestorm- Break In
  5. Shawn Mullins- Shimmer
  6. Seether- Weak
  7. Icon For Hire- Pop Culture
  8. Gov’t Mule- Brand New Angel
  9. Christy Hays & Caliche- How it Feels (saw her on tour when I was in Billings with another band on tour)
  10. Nothing More-  Friendly Fire

That list is no joke and is actually a fairly accurate representation of what’s on my iPod

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Day 13. You hurt me.

Day 13. A letter to someone who has hurt you recently. 

Dear Fia (my dog),
Recently, on a few occasions, you have hurt me. I don’t mean emotionally hurt me, but physically. The other day when we were playing with the rope and you booped me with your paw, your claws scratched down my whole arm. It left marks and stung. And then today when you were trying to get me to let you outside to chase squirrels and booped me to get my attention, it also left a little mark and stung.
You might try to counter with the fact that because you can’t talk you don’t have other ways to express to me when you’re excited and maybe it’s time I trim your claws. But let’s be real, your booping has consequences and it hurts. Maybe you could try just nudging me with your nose and we’ll see how that goes? Sometimes I complain that your nose is cold and wet, but at least it doesn’t hurt me. I hope you take this into consideration. I will love you no matter what, but I’d prefer to do it without scratches.

Here she is mid boop.

Here she is mid boop.

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Day 10-12. Songs, pictures, blogs

Day 10. Songs you listen to when you’re happy, sad, mad, etc. 

I really thought this one would be easier but when I thought about it- there really aren’t any specific songs I jump to for these emotions. And I could be looking too deep into it because do they mean when you’re sad, but you’re trying not to feel sad anymore or just when you’re sad and being sad or just songs that make you sad? That changes things.

I’m going with songs that make you sad. Some of these songs make me sad for the lyrical content, some for the emotional connections.
Letters from home- John Michael Montgomery
Anything Elvis, especially Love me Tender
Music categorized under “classical relaxation” (think Pandora) always makes me a bit melancholy

Happy for me is really anything upbeat and fun- doesn’t matter the genre. However, it can’t be something that is currently being overplayed.
Disney movie songs make me happy.
A lot of nostalgia songs make me happy– 90s songs
Anything I can dance too– mostly like an idiot

Angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry—but if you like your music loud and heavy, you might enjoy the music I listen to when I’m feeling that particular emotion. That’s about the only requirements-just not too heavy, there’s no cookie monster scream-o for me. Some Halestorm, Seether, Chevelle, etc. fall into this category.

Day 11. A picture of you and your friends

Hmm. I am not certain my all of my friends want to be plastered on the internet and I know there’s not a picture of me with all of them and it wouldn’t be right to select just a few. I do know a few close friends who wouldn’t mind because they plaster themselves all over the internet so I guess I can go with them. But I have to tell you—check out their band.  They have songs that fall under all of the categories mentioned in day 10.

sc scfellas

Day 12. How you found out about wordpress and why you made one.

 I found out about blogs through…the internet? No idea. I chose wordpress because it was the first site to pop up that I had heard of and looked user friendly. But going deeper, I started a blog because I have always liked to jot stuff down/write and thought this way I can see what I thought for all of time. I was also told I talk a lot…maybe too much so if I put some of my random thoughts in the interweb I would spare innocent bystanders. I also thought it could be the beginning of a new hobby which I kind of needed at the time of starting this and maybe the beginning of finding out who I really am…pick something—your guess is as good as mine.

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Day 9. Pride.

Day 9. Something you’re proud of in the past few days.

I’m a believer in small victories and I try to be as optimistic as my realist self can be so that comes in handy right about now. In fact, I do have a few things to be proud about.

*At the time of writing this, it’s been 33.5 hours since I’ve had any nicotine!!
I was really struggling when I was stuck in my car for 1.5 hours running errands and commuting but I’m in a place where I won’t even have the option to go out and buy/smoke any for another 3 hours and by that point I’m just going to want to rush home and plop into bed. I have a busy and probably stressful day tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes but good vibes would be appreciated– it’s a struggle.

fa real though.  *google images.

fa real though.
*google images.

*I have been writing again- and it mostly started in the last few days!
After a year of nothing, I’ve been trying to get back at it and so far, so good!

*I just finished my 35th book for 2015!
Literally just finished it before I started this post. I initially set a goal for 25 books- about one every two weeks. Needless to say, I’ve surpassed it and with about 7.5 weeks to go, I could hit 40.



*I didn’t eat all the chocolate today.
This is legit– there’s chocolate everywhere around my office and with no smoking.. I genuinely am proud that I didn’t have more than normal (normal ~1-2 pcs). When I quit smoking the first time (about 10 years ago) Snickers replaced my cigarettes and well.. no thanks to that look again.

I think that’s sufficient– nothing of major importance to other people, but I think they’re all kind of cool. I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings- spoiler alert- it’s about music and I love music!

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Day 8.

Day 8. Short term goals for this month and why.

Well. I’d like to get into a better habit of eating healthy as we come into the unhealthiest time of year and with that I hope to drop a couple pounds. I’ve worked out more this month already than I did for all of October(so we’re off to a good start) but I have put on anywhere from 12-15 pounds in the last 16 months and I’m not thrilled about it. At my last doc visit I found out I was prediabetic (barely) but I want to make sure that doesn’t turn into anything further. I’ve mentioned this in the first post but I would like to quit smoking by 12/1/15 for obvious reasons- health, money, smells, etc. I don’t like anything that comes with smoking, but I like to smoke so that’s tricky. Additionally I would like to get a solid start on my Christmas shopping  or at least planning as I’m celebrating it a little early this year. I’m not going to say I wait until the last minute for everything, but I definitely cut some things close every year.

In short:
*Eat better
*Lose a couple pounds
*Quit smoking
*Get slightly prepared for Christmas

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